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Adobe Illustrator

One of the leading vector art programs for the graphic design, printing, marketing and advertising industries, Adobe Illustrator is a fun drawing graphics program that can create logos, flyers, cards, brochures, banners, posters, web graphics and much more. It has numerous tools that give you the ability to draw and manipulate shapes, create special effects, shading, work with text, images, and many other enhancements.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a premier photo editing program. Photoshop, since it is a photo editing tool, offers more detailed pixel editing and painting tools. The added tools allow for more liberty in manipulating color and objects, depending on the artist's abilities and imagination. A variety of Image Adjustments, Layer Effects and Filters allows users to add that “professional touch” to their photos.


CorelDraw is vector graphics editor that allows users to compose and edit vector graphics images interactively on the computer screen and save them in one of many popular vector graphics formats such as EPS, PDF, WMF or SVG. CorelDraw’s vector capabilities make it one of the better applications for graphic design, page layout, typography, logos, sharp-edged artistic illustrations (i.e. cartoons, clip art, complex geometric patterns), technical illustrations, diagramming and flowcharting.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard publishing app lets you design and publish high-quality documents across a full spectrum of digital and print media. The software supports the creation of layouts for print publications, such as books and brochures, as well as digital content such as eBooks, mobile apps and interactive documents.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a user-friendly desktop publishing package that allows you to produce typeset-quality text and clean graphic images, merge the text and graphics on the same page, and then print full pages on high-resolution printers. Easily create a multitude of publishing projects such as call cards, post cards, greeting cards, flyers, newsletters, programs and many more that are easily set for printing at home or the office.